Who am I?

Dedicated to serving patients and the future of quality care through practice, education, and professional organizations in psychoanalysis and psychiatry.

Devotion to quality in the treatment of mental and emotional disorders

through careful evaluation, psychoanalysis or psychotherapy based on psychoanalytic principles, and judicious use of medication when needed.

A record of action to confront challenges

  • To engage organized psychiatry and psychoanalysis in assertive government relations and marketing to deal with an evironment increasingly hostile to practice
  • To guide the Cleveland Psychoanalytic Center into new dimensions of cohesive and active participation by its members, strong governance structure, and quality in psychoanalytic and psychotherapeutic education
  • To strengthen the practice of psychotherapy by psychiatrists;
  • To redesign employer-financed and public health care for access to quality psychiatric treatment including psychotherapy;
  • To fight discrimination against our patients, protect privacy and confidentiality, and defend patient rights.

Commitment to

  • Scientific integrity
  • Education
  • Quality of service
  • Humane, ethical patient care
  • Respect for the life of the mind